Recommended articles, essays, and blog posts:
Posted Oct 31, 2012
On Elegance written by Lauren Cerand [published 2.20.2012]
I really like this essay. Beautifully written.

The Wedding Blog written by Amanda Palmer [published 1.1.2012]
Amanda Fucking Palmer’s blog post about thoughts on marriage, falling in love, and Neil Gaiman. Pretty wonderful.

The Passion of Mike Daisey: Journalism, Storytelling, and the Ethics of Attention written by Ethan Zuckerman [published 3.28.2012]
A thoughtful analysis on Mike Daisey, KONY, the balance and distinctions between journalism and storytelling, and the roles they play in activism and human rights.

I Was Ayn Rand’s Lover written by George Saunders [published 10.29.2012]
I loled.

Outsider/Insider written by Jenny Zhang [published 4.18.2012]
One of my favorite articles by one of favorite writers. Makes me feel inspired and happy every time I read it.

The Ethics of Attention: Unpacking “Yellow Rain” written by Ethan Zuckerman [published 10.24.2012]
Good summary of Radiolab’s “Yellow Rain” debacle. And read Kao Kalia Yang’s take on the situation in Hyphen.

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