Practice and promise

           For awhile in February, I wrote something every day about some part of the day. Amusing or dull, careful or glib, brief or lengthy – anything was fine as long as it was something. A few days of the exercise were enough to produce a feeling of accomplishment that follows any good effort that is daily, and this one was especially satisfying, not only for the tidy collection of memories I would’ve otherwise forgotten had I not written them down, but also for the simple practice of writing every day in some fixed manner.
           Naturally, the experiment came to an unceremonious end after two-ish weeks, which is about the average lifespan of all my attempts at being consistent with anything edifying in this fool life of mine. Such is the price of being a chronically unfocused and graciously self-forgiving person.
           A month has passed since, and as situation and luck would have it, I find myself with the luxury of time in these coming months to do what I please. I would like to spend the time writing more and regularly, and one outlet for the practice will be this dusty blog. The open and public nature of a blog will help keep me honest in matters of promise-keeping and more accountable in terms of discipline. That’s the theory of the arrangement, anyway.
           And so, I declare my resolution: I will write something (relatively) substantial in this blog 2-3 times a week. (I just realized with some embarrassment that I would be doubling the total number of posts that currently exist on this blog that I’ve had for 3 years in about a month.) I will designate the days to be every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Or maybe just Tuesday and Friday. Okay, Tuesdays and Fridays for sure, and Wednesdays when I can, which hopefully will be every time, but who knows.
           There. I have it down now in letters, which makes the wish as good as any binding contractual agreement between me and myself. This, admittedly, would be worth very little indeed if history is to be any kind of judge in life, but luckily history plays no judge in my life, and so here we all are – brand new people in this freshly minted world. Promises abound.

Till tomorrow! (Or maybe Friday).

P.S. I’ve been reading a lot of Jane Austen lately, can you tell?


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